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Testimonials from Dog owners who have received Dr Roman’s dog microbiome

Dr Margo Roman has performed 20,000+ FMT procedures resulting in positive outcomes for many of the dogs receiving microbiome from her dog donors. We at Legacy Biome only use Dr. Roman’s Faecal microbiome samples for our manufactured Healthy Guy Restore FMT capsules . Below are a few testimonials from happy dog parents:


I would like to share Bodhi’s story. Bodhi is a beautiful, sweet Golden Retriever. He is 1 1/2 years old. I have followed holistic care protocol since I got Bodhi at 8 weeks of age, but despite of that, he developed severe diarrhea and colitis in the fall of 2017. He had several trials of antibiotics, multiple tests (all came back pretty much normal), and multiple dietary interventions. He has been on a home cooked bland diet, but nothing helped. His symptoms continued to get worse, and developed into chronic colitis. He lost a lot of weight, had low energy, and was clearly uncomfortable most of the time. With each trial of antibiotics, he seemed to get worse (he would respond initially and then relapse). I was feeling pretty desperate, and felt terrible for him.

I learned about Dr. Roman’s work and came to MASH, hoping to try a fecal transplant. Dr. Roman performed a combination of ozone therapy and fecal transplant, and within 24 hours, Bodhi’s symptoms improved dramatically. He has not had colitis or diarrhea since! It has now been almost 3 weeks, and he has not been asymptomatic for this long for months. A few days after the transplant, he ate some bird seed (which would previously cause a huge flare up). He did not develop any symptoms - and this was a true “test,” given his extreme sensitivities! He has finally put on some much needed weight. He is playful, happy, and acts like a different dog. People who know us comment on how good he looks. I have not changed his diet yet, and have been very slow in introducing supplements - so this must be directly related to the transplant. Needless to say, Bodhi and I are thrilled, and very, very grateful. Thank you, MASH and Dr. Roman!


Dear Dr. Roman,

Let me start by telling you that Muffy is doing so much better. She is now playing with her toys, loving her walks again. Awake and playful most of the day (she had been sleeping all day long before she saw you). Eating homemade food happily; so happy that she has her sparkle back in her eyes, and lastly, she is getting into trouble just like she did before she got sick, and it is wonderful to have little miss trouble back!

Now, I would like to take the time to thank you for all you have done for Muffy. Dr. Roman, it is so hard to imagine what would have happened to Muffy if Shirley Moore had not sent us to you. Within a short time of your seeing Muffy, you knew what was wrong, and began treating her. She is taking all of the supplements you prescribed for her, and with each passing day we see improvement in her. You are a blessing and I hope you continue to go forward and educate people and vets about the dangers of over vaccinating.

Again, thank you so much for all you’ve done for us.


Patty & Muffy O’Dell