Our Story

At Legacy Biome TM we manufacture optimal FMT product aligned to our very high Lab and Safety standards:

  1. Sourced from extremely healthy donor microbiome
  2. Tailored to meet the needs of dogs
  3. High Manufacturing Standards.
  4. Easy to swallow oral capsule delivery.
  5. Tailored to small or large dogs.
  6. Capsules are easily stored (at either room or fridge temperature)

We Manufacture High Quality FMT Capsules

Our FMT capsules contain a unique blend of live, beneficial bacteria that can help to restore and maintain the natural balance of your dog's gut microbiome. This can lead to a wide range of health benefits for your pet, including improved digestion, reduced inflammation, and increased immunity.

In Our Legacy Biome Lab, We Only Produce FMT Capsules Following A Quality Based, Multi-Step Manufacturing Process Complete With Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) Focused On:

  • Quality, Safety, and Consistency of our FMT products
  • Purchasing the Best Facility and Lab Equipment
  • Ensuring our Test Systems and Processes are optimal
  • Quality Assurance, Stringent Donor Screening, Blood and Stool Testing

At Legacy Biome TM we are Driven and Guided by the following 3 Strategic Imperatives:

Superior Donor Dogs

Safety & Quality Assurance

High Quality Manufacturing of FMT Capsules


To help you feel comfortable with FMT treatment for your dog, we have included answers to frequently asked questions:

What is FMT treatment?
"Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) is a procedure of giving very healthy microbiome sourced from a stool sample collected from a healthy dog donor and transplanting the microbiome into the intestinal tract of an unhealthy dog.
What are the potential benefits associated with FMT?
FMT restores gut health and in doing so, it has shown to be associated with many benefits such as strengthening the immune system, curing some diseases and the reduction of many serious digestive health and wellness symptoms associated with poor gut health.
How are our Legacy Biome TM Healthy Gut Restore Capsules made?
Donor product is received from Dr. Roman’s legacy of exceptional dogs. From there it is filtered and purified to concentrate all of the amazing benefits of a healthy microbiome. Next, it is dried and placed in capsules ready for your dog to take.
How does my dog take the capsules? Can I crush or mix with food?
We recommend giving the capsules to your dog whole, and not crushed or mixed with food. We have the FMT encapsulated to ensure the healthy biome within the capsule makes its way optimally to the intestinal tract. The capsules are coated to ensure they pass through the stomach intact due to the acid-resistant coating on the outside of each capsule. This coating protects the capsule from breaking down too early.
How Long Can I Store My FMT Capsules?
Our “Healthy Gut Restore “ FMT capsules can be easily stored for up to 2 years in a standard refrigerator.